Aldo Castagna – women’s shoes from Italy, brand information

Aldo Castagna is an Italian brand of women’s shoes.

Brand Information Aldo Castagna

The Aldo Castagna brand was founded in Italy in 1963. The founder of the company was the Italian Aldo Castagna, who first set up a small shop and repair shop for women’s shoes.

His workshop, over time, began to produce shoes under his name, which became popular in Italy. In the 1990s, the company changed its direction a bit and began to produce women’s luxury shoes, as well as elite accessories. Now the brand belongs to the second generation of the Castagna family.

Castagna women’s shoes look luxurious and fashionable, and of course, they are expensive. In the collection, you can find both classic shoes and quite modern and comfortable.

Where to buy Aldo Castagna, the addresses of official stores can be found on the global website of the company: