Attizzare – women’s shoes from Portugal

Attizzare is a brand of women’s shoes originally from Portugal.

Brief information about the brand Attizzare

Unfortunately, almost nothing is known about the brand of shoes. On the Russian-speaking Internet, there is information only in online stores, or rather not information, but the opportunity to buy this brand. Somewhere it is written that Attizzare women’s shoes come from Portugal, but this is not confirmed anywhere.

The English-language Internet knows nothing about the Attizzare brand. It can be assumed that Attizzare shoes are made in China, and Portuguese roots were invented to make them more willing to buy.

Attizzare is a brand of women’s beautiful shoes. There are very interesting models, nothing can be said about the quality, but I think that it is at the level of such brands as Vladis or Miguel Miratez, brands that are also made in China. Literally translated from Italian, the word Attizzare means “activate”.

You can buy Attizzare women’s shoes either in online stores or in various multi-brand offline stores. In addition, these shoes are sold in Ukraine in the Miraton chain of stores.

Where to buy, the addresses of official stores can be found on the global website of the company: These shoes are sold in Ukraine, in the Miraton chain of stores