Best yoga books for beginners in 2021

Yoga connects a person with higher powers. This word itself means “to bind”, “to connect”. Some consider yoga a kind of religion, others see it as a philosophy that allows them to organize their worldview, and for others, it is a way of life.

What is yoga for you? To help you understand a difficult issue, we have collected the best books-guides to spiritual practices. We are sure that thanks to them you will find your unique path to inner harmony and a beautiful body.

Invincible Living: The Power of Yoga, The Energy of Breath, and Other Tools for a Radiant Life
by Guru Jagat

Guru Jagat is a modern yoga teacher who actualizes ancient practices to the current realities. Thanks to the detailed guide, you can not only start to comprehend difficult science from scratch but also increase the existing knowledge. Thanks to Kundalini Yoga, you will be able to put your body in order, get closer to the figure of your dreams, and most importantly – find balance and harmony in personal relationships.
Besides, a book from guru Jagat will help you look at yoga with a radically new perspective, because to engage in useful practices, you do not need to go to the gym – you just need to find a couple of free minutes in a busy schedule and some free space at home, in the office or car.

Anodea Judith’s Chakra Yoga
by Anodea Judith

Do you know how to awaken your energy and gain access to a higher source of power? Anodea Judith will elaborate on this in her book on Chakra Yoga. You have to find out what chakras are and why we need them so much, learn several useful asanas, and get to know the magic of mantras better. Judith has compiled the guide in a way that will be useful for both professionals and beginners in the world of yoga. Also, the book will allow you to study on your own, without wasting time searching for suitable group sections, because each stage is accompanied by a detailed description and photograph. Let your mind and body relax and reach a new level of life.

Anatomy of Yoga: An Instructor’s Inside Guide to Improving Your Poses
by Dr. Abigail Ellsworth

If you decide to immerse yourself in the world of yoga and do not know where to start, Abigail Ellsworth’s book will become your guide to the world of improving body and soul. Detailed instructions for asanas will help you correctly perform and hold each pose, as well as correctly distribute the load on the muscles. “Visual Yoga” is devoted primarily to the physical aspects and is perfect for both fans of oriental practices and those who just dream of always staying in great shape.

Meditation for Your Life: Creating a Plan that Suits Your Style
by Robert Butera

The modern world forces a person to be in constant nervous tension: work, everyday problems, a difficult situation in the world – all this can become a serious reason for stress, permanent fatigue, and depression. The authors of Yoga Anti-Stress are ready to share with you universal ways to combat burnout and anxiety. A set of simple rules and exercises will help not only to strengthen muscle mass and establish natural processes in the body but also to regain lost peace. You will love yourself again, stop being annoyed over trifles and start enjoying life.

The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying: The Spiritual Classic & International Bestseller: Revised and Updated Edition
by Sogyal Rinpoche, Patrick D. Gaffney

It has long been known that Buddhist monks are renowned for their longevity. This is partly due to spiritual practices. Yoga, the inhabitants of Tibet are sure, is not one path, but many paths. It is only in your power to choose what this teaching will become for you – a way to improve your body or learn a new philosophy. Enien Rinpoche and Alison Choing Zangmo will help determine what real practice is. In their book, you will find unique exercises from Tibetan yogis that you can perform in any place convenient for you: at home, in nature, or even in a car.

Inner Engineering: A Yogi’s Guide to Joy
by Sadhguru

Yoga is not only the ability to curl up into the most intricate poses but also a real philosophy that can bring new meaning to life. Sadhguru, teacher and spiritual guide will open yoga for you from a completely different perspective. A mystic and coach of the world’s richest companies, he has developed “technology of joy” – a system with which you no longer have to worry about things that have brought grief throughout your adult life. The teacher is sure that your happiness depends only on yourself, all that remains is to discover in yourself the ability to enjoy each new day and move towards your dreams, regardless of obstacles.

2,100 Asanas: The Complete Yoga Poses
by Daniel Lacerda

The 10 Best Yoga Books to Help Become a Practice Guru Once you have learned the basic asanas, you can begin to tackle the more complex branches. The book “2100 Asanas: All Yoga in One Book” opens up new horizons for the reader and tells about the order of performing complex and unusual asanas. If a beginner can cope with the “lotus position”, then the headstand is the lot of more experienced yogis.
The book offers a huge selection of exercises for specific organs or body parts.
The guide will help you avoid common mistakes. This is especially important for traumatic postures that need to be performed only by a trained person.

The Complete Illustrated Book of Yoga
by Swami Vishnu-devananda

The 10 best yoga books to help you become a practice guru Swami Vishnudevananda is one of the world’s most famous yogis. His book is an excellent resource for learning the basics. The clarity of the material and the simplicity of the text will not allow a beginner to get confused in a complex system.
There are no significant defaults in the book. No “tops” and superficial information. Only accurate and capacious information is presented in an interesting and understandable form.
In the book, Swami Vishnudevananda focused precisely on classical yoga. In his opinion, in the countries of the Western Hemisphere, yoga has become a fashionable trend that does not correspond to the true Eastern teachings. But the author does not ignore the hatha yoga, which is popular in the USA and Europe. He shows her in a classic form, without imposed stereotypes.
The book is addressed to the reader interested in the philosophy of yoga. The goal of the course is to achieve harmony with the world around you and yourself.