Blumarine – brand history, Italian women’s clothing, shoes, accessories and perfumes

Blumarine is an Italian brand that produces women’s clothing, shoes, accessories, cosmetics, and perfumes. There is also a children’s clothing line and a women’s watch line.

The history of the founding of the company Blumarine

Blumarine was founded in 1977 when Anna Molinari, together with her husband Jean-Paolo Tarabini, decided to start a company that would produce clothes for young, little-known designers. Four years after this idea was brought to life, the Blumarine collections were honored to be presented at Milan Fashion Week.

The creator Anna Molinari was born in Carpi. She loves this place very much, so she lives and works here to this day. Immediately after graduating from university, Anna went to work in a factory owned by her parents. There she mastered the art of sewing and gained invaluable experience, which later helped her in solving many issues.

In 1987, Blumarine expanded its range of products by opening a new children’s line, Miss Blumarine (Miss Blumarine). This direction of clothing was designed for girls aged 4 to 14 years. To further unite the created brands, a company called Blufin s.p.a. was founded. (Blafin s.p.a.). It was headed by Anna’s husband and son Jean-Guido. In the future, it was this company that took up the production of apparel under the brands Blumarine and Miss Blumarine. At the same time, the sale of such clothes took place only in company stores, of which more than 400 had already been opened by the beginning of 1994.

The Blufin company, however, like many others, was concentrated on a rather narrow product segment. Although quite often she resorted to selling her trademark to third-party manufacturers who produced their goods under the same brand, usually in such situations Blufin controlled the quality of products very strictly. For example, in this way, third-party companies produce swimwear, bags, gloves, glasses, and a huge list of household goods under the Miss Blumarine brand.

In 1992, the public was presented with a collection of home furniture and textiles – Blumarine Home Collection (Blumarine Home Collection).

In 1995, the Blufin company was replenished with another line of women’s clothing – the brand Anna Molinari (Anna Molinari). This line was developed by the daughter of the founder of the company – Rosella Tarabini. A little later, the Blugirl line developed by Anna Molinari was born, which was a very romantic ready-to-wear collection for young girls. In 1997, the Blumarine collections were replenished with wedding dresses, and in 1999 with lingerie and swimwear. Over the next couple of years, under this brand, the company begins to produce bags and gloves. In 2005, a collection of rather expensive watches from Blumarine was presented to the world.

Other lines are also expanding – this is how the collection of denim children’s clothing Miss Blumarine Jeans (Miss Blumarine Jeans) appears in the spring of 2003, and six months later – a very cute Miss Blumarine Baby collection (Miss Blumarine Baby), which was designed for children under 3 years old.

In 2007, Anna Molinari decides to please her daughter and significantly expands the youth line Blugirl – this is how the collection of casual and denim clothes Blugirl Folies (Blugel Folis), the line of very cozy home textiles Blugirl Homeware (Bluegirl Homeware), the line of glasses Blugirl Eyewear (Bluegirl Aivea) and for the first time the company presents two fragrances Blumarine and Blugirl.

The owners of the Blufin company have always closely followed the trends of the fashion market and have never spared money for advertising campaigns involving famous world-class photographers. Thanks to this attitude towards the promotion of their brands, none of the collections presented by them went unnoticed by the public. Such world stars as Carla Bruni, Naomi Campbell, Monica Bellucci, and Nadia Auermann have repeatedly taken part in the presentation of the Blumarine brand to the public.

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