The Book Thief- book review of historical novel by Australian author Markus Zusak

I might get killed after this review, but I can’t keep quiet. It’s the most disgusting language I’ve ever seen. It is impossible to read a book, the mere creation of which constantly twitches the eye. I’ve always known that some people can make up stories, and some people can make up stories in HUMAN language. Markus Zuzak doesn’t exactly fall into the second category. Even the most infamous translator couldn’t ruin a good book that much, so I can’t “dump” all the buns on him. This is terrible. This should be given to a philologist who is terminally ill so that his torment will not last long. I don’t say anything about the terrible misspelling of the German language, which, before using, it would not hurt to learn. I will not be unfounded – I will give examples. Comments in parentheses to lighten the mood a little. No one noticed.

The train sped on. Except for the girl. (As in the Russian language textbook. “Passing by the platform, a man vomited on the train.”)

looking with One-eye, and still seeing a dream with the other…
(and, after 5 lines, again) One eye is open. One more in a dream.
A few minutes more, and the mother went out with the priest.
(Fuck you, mother… Thence. The Day was gray, the color of Europe. Rain curtains were drawn around the car.
(They were bright red and flowered.) Her hair was of a sort rather close to German blond, but her eyes were rather dangerous. (Exhaustive description. I wonder if the author knows the word “color”, or if he worked in the meat Department since childhood?) The tile was cold and unkind.
(He seemed aggressive when they put him down. No upbringing.) When Hans Hubermann turned on the light in the small, stale washroom that night, Liesel noticed her foster father’s strange eyes. They were made of kindness and silver.

(And the edges of the irises are set with diamonds.) Dad’s bread and jam lay half-eaten on the plate, arched in the shape of bites, and the music stared liesel straight in the face. (Sometimes she tried to give Liesel a gentle kick in the melon, but the girl dodged it. The bread flattered her.) The school, as you can imagine, was a crushing failure. (Going to the depth of the hole in the ground, you could see the desks and fragments of students ‘ bodies scattered around the pit.) Liesel as a girl was enrolled in something called BDM.
(At the entrance, she was given a whip and handcuffs.) His wife sits on her hands all day, squalid, and doesn’t want to light a fire — they’re always cold. The door was opened by a Bathrobe. And inside the robe was a woman with frightened eyes, hair like fluff, and the attitude of a downtrodden creature.
(I’m about to pay) As they passed, Rudy showed Liesel the bullet-proof eyes that glared out of the shop window. (and codinefioricet. four years From now, when she starts recording in the basement, she will have two thoughts about the trauma of a wet bed.
(indeed. in a wet bed and slip a little.) – Sorry, Liesel. We can’t afford it right now. Liesel wasn’t upset. She didn’t whimper or moan or stamp her feet.

(Heroically suppressed an epileptic fit caused by not buying a new toy. This is during the war.) Before Liesel could say a word, the wooden spoon landed on her body like the heel of a God.
(Paulo Coelho hanged himself from a chandelier.) I still have bad dreams in my dreams.
(And you can’t argue.) Hans Hubermann, having finished fortifying the building, turned around and saw the old man standing behind him, calmly waiting for Hans to turn around.

(I looked back to see if she looked back to see if I looked back… ) when Rudy stumbled and fell on the humiliated mannequin, the girl felt both relieved and disappointed. (Truly mysterious are the ways of the Lord..)