Braska – brand history, Ukrainian shoe company

Braska is a Ukrainian brand of footwear, masquerading as English. It was created by MTI, which owns such chain stores as Intertop, Kidditop, Ecco, Geox, Skechers, Bally, Camper, Plato. And such trademarks as Golderr, Braska, and many others.

The history of the shoe brand Braska

The shoe brand Braska (Braska), was introduced to the Ukrainian market in 2004. The following is written on the official website about the history of the Braska brand.

In the early 90s, an interesting girl appeared in the London area of Chelsea, who wanted to become a designer. The name of the girl is Helen Braska and she began to come up with the best shoes in the world, light and elegant. This is how the Braska shoe brand was born. Now the Braska trademark is one of the most actively developing. Its design comes from England, but it is sewn in China, at one of the shoe factories in Guangzhou.

Well, now a more true story of the shoe company Braska

The brand was created and introduced to the Ukrainian market by MTI in 2004. A beautiful English story was invented to make shoes sell better. Even the official website and trademark were registered in England. However, if you dig a little deeper, you can find out that the site is registered to Evgeny Filatov, who lives at 12-b Kashtanovaya Street. This is the Kyiv district of Troyeshchyna. So the Braska brand has practically nothing to do with England.
And the marketing part of the Braska brand is handled by the creative advertising agency Sugar (
It is worth noting that fake stories about the emergence of the brand from the official sites have disappeared.

Braska brand positioning

The Braska brand positions itself as affordable shoes for men and women who, above all, value comfort and lightness. These shoes are more suitable for urban residents and are designed for a buyer with an income below the average.
Although now (2010) the price of shoes has changed and it has risen in price, so it can be attributed to the average level.

Where to buy, the addresses of official stores can be found on the company website: