The Class by Erich Segal – book review

A bright and exciting saga of the famous American writer Erich Segal about the fate of five Harvard graduates in 1958. Their story begins on the first day of school, when the characters are young and full of hope, and ends after twenty-five years at the traditional gathering of graduates, where everyone sums up their eventful lives. They had the greatest success, but they also knew the bitterness of defeat. There were women in their lives whom they loved and who loved them. For some, family life brought only disappointments, while others experienced true family happiness. And Harvard always stayed with them…

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Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone – book review, my opinion

My former literature teacher couldn’t stand Harry Potter-Garik the Sweaty little Wretch, as I called him. As soon as the school curriculum required students to write a review, it would start to bubble, seethe, and whistle: “and don’t you dare write me about books like Robinson Crusoe or Harry Potter. I want to see a review of real literature!”

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Harry Potter – Deathly hallows by J. K. Rowling, book review

I read this book four years ago. But I write a review of it only now, with a shudder in my heart, after watching the last film of the Saga. I remember all – as Harry played wizard’s chess, as Harry visited Hogsmeade under the cloak invisible like Harry used to sneak into Hogwarts, focusing on the Marauders Map, as Harry experienced the death of Sirius, as Harry… we entered the last battle. And won it. And if you won – why such a persistent sense of defeat?

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The Book Thief- book review of historical novel by Australian author Markus Zusak

I might get killed after this review, but I can’t keep quiet. It’s the most disgusting language I’ve ever seen. It is impossible to read a book, the mere creation of which constantly twitches the eye. I’ve always known that some people can make up stories, and some people can make up stories in HUMAN language. Markus Zuzak doesn’t exactly fall into the second category. Even the most infamous translator couldn’t ruin a good book that much, so I can’t “dump” all the buns on him. This is terrible. This should be given to a philologist who is terminally ill so that his torment will not last long. I don’t say anything about the terrible misspelling of the German language, which, before using, it would not hurt to learn. I will not be unfounded – I will give examples. Comments in parentheses to lighten the mood a little. No one noticed.

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Fifty shades of grey by by E.L. James – book review

Summary: When I see his long index finger, I stumble, my heart pounding, I blush again and again. My eyes are too big for my face, and he is very, very beautiful. Shake a head. I haven’t met the one yet. Victorian novels. But no, I did. Stunningly, breathtakingly beautiful. I blush and go numb. Beautiful eyebrows, perfect manicure. Gray eyes, piercing eyes, burning eyes. Burning eyes. I feel an electric shock. The muscles deep in the abdomen. Sensual lips. Her fingers touch her face, her lip, my lip. I bite my lip. I’m trembling. But I have exams, the exams are the same. I drink tea, take out the bag immediately. Question about gay!!!

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The Twilight Saga 1 by Stephenie Meyer – book review characters

With his” twilight”, Mayer knocks the reader down and knocks him unconscious. First there was a blow to the head: a ninety-year-old vampire goes to school… No, you did not guess, not to taste the blood of American schoolchildren. Even centuries-old vampires sometimes want to sit at a Desk, look at the roots of onions through a microscope,write off a test… Fresh, nothing to say. Then there was a strong hook-a vampire-a schoolboy and a virgin, for ninety years the poor man has not met his “half”, his ideal, which, you can be sure, is about to sit timidly at his Desk and blush, embarrassedly pulling his pigtail. Then there was an uppercut. Several dozen pages of Mayer muryzhila and Bella, and the reader a mystery: vampires are not afraid of sunlight, but never go out in clear weather.

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