Best books queer theory 2020

Queer theory is a basic sociological hypothesis about the idea of sexual orientation that got broad in the late twentieth century. Its advocates accept that the sex and sexual direction of an individual can’t and less controlled by their natural sex, yet rather by the socio-social condition and states of individual childhood.

Queer theory was framed during the 1990s in the United States based on the works of the French mastermind Michel Foucault.

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Top 8 book in 2020 by personal finance all time

Step by step instructions to win more, spend less, and bring in cash work

Harvest time starts, and with it, life again enters a consistent musicality: the excursion closures and everyday undertakings start. It’s an ideal opportunity to design your financial limit for the year and make sense of how to deal with your cash. We have accumulated a choice of five books that will assist you with doing this:

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Best books about quantum theory

What to read about quantum electrodynamics, black holes, and particle physics

The course “Quantum theory” talks about wave-particle dualism, topological effects, and supersymmetric theories. We asked Emil Akhmedov, doctor of physics and mathematics, to recommend books for deep immersion in the topic. Feynman lectures and monographs on elementary particle physics and black holes combine the ability to talk in simple words about the most complex phenomena of the quantum world.

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20 books worth reading in 2020

From Gisele Bündchen’s memoir to the sequel to Margaret Atwood’s bestselling the handmaid’s Tale, here are some books that definitely deserve your attention in the new year.

At the end of the year, it is customary to look back, take a look at past events and sum up. We look forward to the future. That is why the editors of Marie Claire and Liter , the largest service of electronic and audiobooks in Russia and the CIS countries , have collected a selection of the most relevant books of 2020: bright adaptations, high- profile novelties and future bestsellers.

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