Chloe – brand history, women’s clothing, perfumes and accessories from France

Chloe is a French brand of women’s clothing, accessories, and perfumes. The ascent of Chloe fashion house on the steps of success was rather romantic. The daughter of the famous musician and singer Paul McCartney – Stella managed to elevate him to the highest level.

The history of the fashion house Chloe

The history of Chloe began in 1945, after a young rich blue-blooded woman, Gaby Aghien, who came from Egypt to Paris, decided to create six sketches of costumes for her good friend. Once the sketches were ready, Gaby and two tailors recreated the models in just a couple of days.

Soon Agien equipped a small studio in her house, in which she, with two assistants, began to implement her new ideas. For a long time, Gaby could not decide on the name of her small business. The name Agyen seemed to cut her ears. After a little reflection on this problem, the designer asks permission from his good friend Chloe de Brumeton to name the atelier after her. Thinking Gaby’s case has no future, Chloe agrees. But the friend is mistaken, and the outfits begin to find their regular customers. Crazy, as it seemed at the first moment, the adventure with the creation of the Fashion House succeeds.

In 1956, the Cafe de Flore hosted the first show of the House of Chloe. This performance took place during the day and led the spectators gathered in this cafe to complete delight.

For almost 20 years, the only drawback of this fashion house, as many believe, was the lack of a single style. This problem disappeared only in the 70s, after Karl Lagerfeld became the designer of Chloe – it was then that the true heyday of this fashion house began. But the company’s business did not develop well for long, because. in the 80s, Lagerfeld leaves Chloe, taking with him the bulk of the staff.

In 1995, Stella McCartney was invited to take the place of the leading fashion designer. The public was introduced to her first works immediately after she graduated from the St. Martins fashion school. Only her two best friends Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell participated in this show in fashion show.

The rather deplorable situation of the House of Chloe did not cause much fear in the debutante, because. she was a fairly hard-working girl and she wanted to test her abilities. Stella has always maintained a feminine, sexy style, with a casual hippie flair.

Romance, coquetry, sexuality, tenderness, and sometimes courage – these words can describe all the collections of Stella McCartney. Her experiments were well received by the public as she paired simple shapes with knitted inserts, extended sleeves, embroideries, and lacing. The combination of silk and cotton in lingerie models, lace corsets with extended flared skirts, red heart bikinis, and airy slip dresses became Stella’s trademark.

The collections of this young girl, as it later turned out to be a rather successful designer, always carried a light and calm mood, bribing the public with this.

The democratic line See by Chloe (See by Chloe), which was led by Stella, brought a very decent income to the Fashion House. Although initially, many believed that the company’s management just wants to promote themselves in the name of McCartney. One of those who spread such rumors was Karl Lagerfeld, who left Chloe. The reason for this, probably, was envy, because. Chloe’s business went up even without the participation of Lagerfeld.

Chloe was moving in a new direction – youthful, fresh with a touch of English eccentricity. Stella McCartney has always worked in her niche, never trying to compete with her colleagues McQueen and Galliano.

In 2002, Stella leaves her post, and Phoebe Philo joins the company instead. In her collections, Phoebe uses the previously set direction of lightness and tranquility.

In the autumn of 2006, Chloe invites the Swede Paulo Anderson (Paulo Melim Andersson) to the post of creative director.

In 2008, Hannah McGibbon became the head of Chloe.

Chloe’s success most likely lies in the lack of constant change and predetermined standards that the fashion world sets. This, in turn, only constantly provokes the public, forcing them to remain eternal fans of this popular brand.

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