Cressy – women’s shoes from Spain

Cressy is a Spanish brand of women’s comfortable urban footwear.

Cressy brand information

Cressy is owned by the same Spanish company as Pepe Castell. The official website describes the same story about the brand. It was founded in 1977 in Spain, in an area that is famous for its shoe brands – Elche, Alicante.

The difference between Cressy and Pepe Castell women’s shoes is convenience. You will not find high heels in the Cressy collection, as shoes are primarily designed for the comfort of women. This is not to say that the Cressy collections are not interesting, by no means, do they have an elegance and style that many women will like.

Cressy is exclusively women’s footwear and is designed for women who value comfort.

The brand has ceased to exist. The official site is down. On the official pages of the brand in social networks, the last photo was posted in 2018.