Fifty shades of grey by by E.L. James – book review

Summary: When I see his long index finger, I stumble, my heart pounding, I blush again and again. My eyes are too big for my face, and he is very, very beautiful. Shake a head. I haven’t met the one yet. Victorian novels. But no, I did. Stunningly, breathtakingly beautiful. I blush and go numb. Beautiful eyebrows, perfect manicure. Gray eyes, piercing eyes, burning eyes. Burning eyes. I feel an electric shock. The muscles deep in the abdomen. Sensual lips. Her fingers touch her face, her lip, my lip. I bite my lip. I’m trembling. But I have exams, the exams are the same. I drink tea, take out the bag immediately. Question about gay!!!

I am not worthy of him. I always wear my best jeans. I puked on my best jeans. Beautifully shaped lips. Hormones are raging. He’s a knight. My little inner goddess is dancing the Samba, the salsa, the Rumba. Breathe. Eat. A look from under lowered lashes. –You have a big apartment. – Big? – Big. “Yes, a big one. I come on command thirty times. Sleeping beauty is still asleep. Unshaven stubble suits him. I’ll never get used to its beauty. The trousers hang seductively at the hips. The medulla oblongata turned on. There are two round balls in the palm of your hand. Perfect sculpted lips. I pout and frown at the wall.

We’ll never get enough of each other. I know what I need, but he can’t give it to me, and I can’t give what he needs. All. I decided to read it to find out if this is really such bullshit as they say in the reviews. Yes, this is really such bullshit.

UPD on the occasion of the review contest. I couldn’t pass it by. I watched the film to see if the film adaptation is always worse than the book. But not always. A movie based on the book” Fifty shades of grey “is better than the book” Fifty shades of grey”, if only because it lasts only two hours. A book to read longer, anyway.