Giampieronicola – modern men’s shoes from Italy


Giampieronicola is an Italian manufacturer of luxury men’s shoes. This brand is also sometimes called G.P.Nicola.

Giampieronicola footwear brand information

The history of the Giampieronicola brand originates in Italy in the late 1980s. Then the shoemaker Nicolo Vico, teaming up with his brother and taking a bank loan, creates the Giampieronicola shoe brand. Before making his brand of shoes, Nicolò worked for a long time for other companies, studying shoemaking. Well, when he learned everything, he decided to make his brand.

Over the years, the Giampieronicola brand has successfully gained popularity among Italians, as well as among residents of other European countries. About 50 thousand pairs per year are exported to the CIS countries.

Giampieronicola produces men’s and women’s shoe collections. The shoes are handmade and designed for wealthy buyers. It costs accordingly, too, not cheap, not very cheap. As the creator of the brand Nikolo himself says, elite shoes cannot be cheap because it takes a lot of effort and resources to create them. And it’s not about the equipment, but rather about the professionalism of the craftsmen, which is hard to find. Nicolò himself can still create a pair of shoes from start to finish. They say that even with a shortage of workers, he sits down at the machine and makes shoes.

Where to buy, official website of the company:

The official website does not indicate the addresses of stores where shoes are sold. But there are contacts, phone and instagram of the brand, so it’s better to write in direct and find out where you can buy original shoes Giampieronicola.