Hugo Boss – brand history, German brand of classic business clothing

Hugo Boss AG is a German brand of classic men’s and, since 2000, women’s clothing and accessories.

The history of the company

Hugo Boss company was founded in the German city Metzingen in 1923 by Hugo Boss. These were the post-war years of crisis, so at first, it was a small garment factory producing working clothes. In 1930, however, things were not going well for the company, so Hugo Boss joined the NSDAP (National Socialist German Workers’ Party) on April 1, 1931. After that, he was able to obtain an order to produce uniforms for soldiers of the SA, SS, and Hitlerjugend.

Having saved up money, in 1934 Boss bought a weaving factory and transferred all production to it. In 1937 the factory employed over 100 people. During World War II, the factory became an important military enterprise and started to produce uniforms for the Wehrmacht. At that time, more than 150 prisoners of war from Poland and Ukraine began to work in the factory. About 30 Frenchmen also worked.

After the war ended, Hugo began to make uniforms for such workers as letter carriers and railroad workers.
In 1948, Hugo Boss died. The factory passed into the hands of his son-in-law, Eugen Hawley, who in a short time repurposed the factory for the production of classic men’s clothing. The first suit under the Hugo Boss brand appeared in 1953.

In 1967 the company changed its manager again, this time they were Eugen Holly’s children – Uwe and Jonen. So Hugo Boss continued its development. In 1975, the Austrian fashion designer Werner Baldessarini came up with the suit models. In 1985 shares of Hugo Boss were issued, and in 1991 Marzotto became the main shareholder, who owns such brands as Malboro Classic, Missoni, and Valentino. In 1993 the brothers Uwe and Jonen Holly owned nothing in the company, the same year the first Hugo Boss branded eau de toilette was released.

The main manager of the company is Bruno Sälzer.

Interesting Facts

Clothing is mainly made in Turkey in Izmir. The total number of employees of the company is over 7000 people.

Perfume under the brand Hugo Boss is produced under a license from Procter & Gamble.

The actors in the movie “Rocky IV” were wearing the Hugo Boss costumes.

The main emphasis of Hugo Boss is on classic business style, although there are now several clothing lines that have moved away from the classics a bit:

“Black Lable” is purely classic clothing for the thriving businessman.
“Orange Lable” is weekend casual clothing, it makes you feel cozy and comfortable, while at the same time it is not purely sporty.

“Hugo” is freestyle clothing with a bright sporty accent, for stylish, creative young people who are always on the move, in search of maximalism.
“Baldessarini” – these clothes are focused on the older age group, for the well-off, refined and luxurious.
“Selection” – occupies a niche between “Black Lable” and “Baldessarini”. These are exclusive fabrics, handmade – very high quality.
“Green Lable” is the choice of those for whom the golf course is like an office space. It is considered one of the most expensive sports lines.

In 2000, Hugo Boss released its first business women’s clothing collection.

HUGO BOSS collections mainly use fabrics based on wool with different additives or pure wool. The company is one of the main fabric buyers from Italian manufacturers.

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