JLo – brand history. American clothing brand from Jennifer Lopez

JLo is an American brand that produces fashionable and at the same time multifunctional clothing. All JLo products combine the main directions of the style of the creator of the brand Jennifer Lopez (Jennifer Lopez), namely, her very bright and daring image.

A Brief History of the Origin of the JLo Brand (J. Lo)

In the spring of 2001, the famous Hollywood actress Jennifer Lopez founded the company Sweetface Fashion, which is widely known today. In the winter of the same year, this company releases the first clothing collection under the JLO by Jennifer Lopez brand, and towards the end of the year, a line of accessories.

In 2004, the Crocus Group (Crocus Group) enters into a license agreement with Sweetface Fashion and becomes the exclusive distributor of the JLO by Jennifer Lopez brand in the CIS countries, Russia, and the Baltic.

The resounding success of JLO by Jennifer Lopez is pushing Sweetface Fashion to expand its customer base. In the wake of this, in 2005, another clothing line called Sweetface is launched, which positions itself as more “solid” and very expensive clothes. Over time, Sweetface organizes “under itself” an offshoot of JustSweet (Justsvit).

In 2007, the actress decides to close her stores in the US, but in other countries, the brand continues to sell successfully.

At the beginning of 2009, the Crocus Group opened about 40 JLo boutiques on its territory.

JLo brand positioning (J. L.O.)

Clothing under the JLo brand is focused on the category of girls aged 12 to 25 years. This line is aimed at the production of hats, sportswear, jeans, swimwear, underwear, all kinds of accessories, and jewelry. Also, under the JLo brand, a line of very good perfumes is being released.

All JLo-branded clothing has a clear emphasis on the use of high-quality and rather expensive materials such as corduroy, velour, silk, cashmere, cotton, and fine wool.

Since the main audience of the JLo brand is teenagers, the approximate cost of goods of this brand ranges from 50 to 100 dollars.

Where to buy clothes JLO, addresses of official stores can be found on the global website of the brand: store.jenniferlopez.com