Junker – men’s and women’s youth clothing from Turkey

Junker – Turkish brand of youth clothing for men and women. Junker clothing is an advanced youth style with an extravagant, ultra-modern design and rather colorful colors.

Information about the brand Junker

Junker was established in Istanbul in 1991. Its activities began with a few machines and a minimum number of employees. From the first day of its foundation, the company has been producing bright outfits at competitive prices. Thanks to this approach, in just two and a half years, Junker has become the fastest-growing company in Europe.

In 1994, Junker also began to produce a women’s clothing collection and began to sell its products in Russia and Ukraine.

Today the company has a huge factory and two huge showrooms.

At the time of 2023, the official website of the company was closed and, most likely, the brand died.