Latitude Femme – Italian shoe brand

Latitude Femme is an Italian footwear brand.

Information about the brand Latitude Femme

If you translate the word “Latitude Femme”, then you can get the text: “Women’s Latitude” or “Women’s Latitude”, which is quite true. After all, Latitude Femme shoes are designed exclusively for women.

The Latitude Femme brand is very young and was created in Italy, in the Tuscany region. Under the Latitude Femme brand, you can find exclusively women’s fashion shoes. In total, the company produces about 120 models. The brand’s motto can be translated as “Made in Italy”, that is, the creators of the Latitude Femme brand want to emphasize the Italian origin of shoes. There are a lot of Italian brands of shoes and it is very difficult to stand out against this background.

Now Latitude Femme shoes are sold mainly in Italy, but they are also exported to European countries. It is poorly represented in the CIS countries.

In 2023, the brand ceased to exist.