Luis Onofre – brand history, men’s and women’s shoes from Portugal

Luis Onofre is a Portuguese brand of men’s, women’s, and children’s shoes.

Information about the shoe brand Luis Onofre

The Luis Onofre shoe brand was created by the Portuguese designer of the same name. Now, this brand is Italian, although it has Portuguese roots.

Luis Onofre, a designer, pursued his goal from childhood and initially trained in design skills. During his years of study, Luis Onofre has repeatedly received prestigious design awards. In 1993, he became the best designer of the year according to the Italian magazine ARS Sutoria.

After receiving the award, Luis Onofre began to collaborate with such famous fashion houses as Kenzo, Cacharel, Daniel Hechter.

Luis Onofre released his first collection under his name in 1999. He presented it at the international exhibition MODACALZADO, which was held in Madrid, Italy. After that, the designer participated in various exhibitions more than once and almost always successfully. His client is Princess Letizia, who became Queen of Spain.

Shoes from Luis Onofre are not only refined, beautiful, and elegant but also well-made. It draws attention to itself, it is good to go to festive events in it. Luis Onofre shoes are not cheap, about $500 for a pair of boots.

Where to buy Luis Onofre, the addresses of official stores can be found on the global website of the company: