Miguel Miratez – men’s shoes from Portugal

Miguel Miratez is a brand of men’s shoes. The brand is allegedly Portuguese, but there is no information on the Internet about it on foreign sites.

No brand information was found. Miguel Miratez shoes are sold in various small multi-brand stores. It is not very expensive and the brand is known only in the CIS, which leads to certain not good thoughts.

Most likely, Miguel Miratez shoes are made in Portuguese, and the customer is some kind of private entrepreneur who wants to pass off Miguel Miratez shoes as a foreign brand. Such a history is already a passed stage for such domestic brands as Carlo Pazolini and Braska.

Miguel Miratez shoes are not of very high quality. But the design of the shoes is very cute and it makes sense to buy if you do not plan to walk in them for a long time and are used to changing shoes every season.

Where to buy Miguel Miratez, the addresses of official stores can be found on the company website: The brand does not have an official website.