Mirko Ciccioli – manufacturer of men’s shoes from Italy

Mirko Ciccioli is an Italian brand of men’s classic shoes.

Information about Mirko Ciccioli footwear brand

Mirko Ciccioli was founded in Italy, in the town of Montegranaro, Marche region. Many famous Italian shoe brands originated in the Marche area, for example, Roberto Botticelli, Nando Muzi.

In the early 1960s, Mirko Ciccioli shoes were made entirely by hand, as you might guess, the brand was founded by Mirko Ciccioli, who named the brand after himself. Shoes were produced for a long time and were of very high quality, so the Mirko Ciccioli brand became widely known in Italy.

After so many years, the Mirko Ciccioli brand still pleases its customers with the excellent quality of its products. Mirko Ciccioli shoes are still only for men and are made with modern equipment. The collections of Mirko Ciccioli are dominated by models of the classical type. This brand sticks to tradition and does not seek to conquer the ultra-modern fashion market.

For 2023, the brand ceased to exist. The official site has become unavailable. Multi-brand stores sell the remnants of Mirko Ciccioli shoes.