Motivi – brand history, young Italian brand of women’s clothing

Motivi is an Italian brand of women’s youth clothing, which is owned by Vestebene Miroglio. Italian concern Vestebene Miroglio owns such brands as Fiorella Rubino, Oltre, Luisa Viola, Elena Miro, Blutime Fashion, Per Te by Krizia, Caractere, Diana Gallesi, Claudia Gil, Sym, and Notes.

About the Motivi brand

The brand is relatively young and has no bright history. Motivi appeared in 1994 and was created, one might say, artificially, that is, it has no founder. The creator of the brand was the Italian concern Vestebene Miroglio, which has a rich history. It was founded in the late 19th century in Alba (Italy) by textile masters Carlo and Angela Miroglio, and their business has grown into an entire corporation.

In 1994, Vestebene Miroglio decided to launch Motivi, a brand of young women’s fast-fashion clothing. The clothes are aimed at young girls who live in the city. The clothes are quite versatile, that is, she can be dressed for work and a party, in a word, it’s casual style clothes. Collections are updated every 2 weeks, just like in Zara stores. What is not sold out is sent on sale, where the discount reaches 70%. The Motivi management hides the names of the designers, which is more typical for such brands.

Today there are over 500 Motivi stores worldwide working under the franchise scheme. When the contract is signed, Miroglio develops the design for each store and takes part in forming the assortment of goods. Motivi is a cosmopolitan brand because the assortment is identical in all the stores.

Bright youthfulness, daring color solutions, soft business style, and at the same time a hint of frankness. Experiments on the theme of the 80’s combined with the Japanese kimono, infanta socks, and eye-catching cleavage.

In 2004 a Russian girl – singer Glukoza was chosen to be the face of the brand for two seasons for the first time. But in 2007 the singer Viktoria Daineko already became the face of the brand in Russia. From now on the young performer will represent the brand in the Russian market. According to Motivi representatives’ opinion, Victoria’s image perfectly fits the brand image, embodying the idea of a beautiful, energetic and fashionable girl.

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