Pepe Castell – women’s shoes from Spain, brand history

Pepe Castell – Spanish brand of women’s shoes.

Pepe Castell Brand Information

Very little is known about the brand. A very short story is written on the official website of the company, that the brand was founded in 1977 in Spain and was engaged in the production of shoes for women. A few years later, the Pepe Castell brand became widely known in Spain.

Now, under the Pepe Castell label, exclusively women’s shoe collections are produced. In addition to the Pepe Castell brand, the company also owns the Cressy brand of women’s shoes, which is more youthful than Pepe Castell.

In 2023, the company’s website stopped working. The latest news on the official pages of the brand on social networks is dated 2018. It can be argued that the brand has ceased to exist.