Reserved – brand history, youth clothing from Poland

Reserved is a Polish brand of men’s and women’s clothing, mainly casual style. It belongs to the Polish concern LPP S.A., which also owns such trademarks as Cropp town, Esotiq, Rene Vilard, Henderson, Promostars.

History of the founding of LPP S.A. and brands Reserved

It’s beginning, LPP S.A. takes from the collapse of the Soviet Union. So in the early nineties, two Polish businessmen Marek Piechocki and Jerzy Lubianiec entered into a partnership agreement and registered a joint company Mistral. The LPP company was registered in 1995.

The businessmen began by supplying T-shirts from Asia to Polish stores, and a little later they decided to create their brand called Re Reserved. The clothes were designed and produced in Poland, and a little bit in China.

The first Reserved store was opened in 2000 and began to offer its customers comfortable urban casual clothing. This is the most massive sector of clothing that people buy.

In 2002, the Reserved brand expanded beyond Poland by opening a store in Tallinn. Now Reserved is represented in many European countries: the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, and Ukraine.

For 15 years of existence, LPP S.A. achieved impressive results. It is the largest Polish clothing company today. Its brands are widely recognized in Europe and many branded stores are open.

The founders of the company hold the following positions: Marek Piechocki is the President of the Board of Directors of LPP S.A, and Jerzy Lubianec is the President of its Supervisory Board.

Brand positioning Reserved

Reserved is clothing for young people who prefer the urban style. In Reserved stores, you can buy women’s, men’s, and children’s clothing. The price level is designed for a buyer with an average and below average income, so many will be able to afford the brand. In addition to clothing, the company also produces accessories and underwear.

Clothing designs are often developed by different young Polish designers, so clothing collections can differ significantly from one another. And it is worth noting that the design and quality of clothing from Reserved is at a high level, at a very reasonable price.

In the brand’s brand stores, there are seasonal sales and the price can drop by 70%.

Where to buy Reserved, the addresses of official stores can be found on the company website: