Roberto Rinaldi – shoe brand from Italy? Perhaps.

Roberto Rinaldi is an Italian brand of men’s and women’s shoes.

But nothing is known about the Roberto Rinaldi brand, the Internet gives out only the website of the psychologist Roberto Rinaldi, and it is unlikely to relate to the shoe business. The search “Roberto Rinaldi buy” only shows online auctions and message boards where people sell shoes of this brand. In a word, it is not clear how an Italian brand can be not known anywhere, even in Italy. The brand does not have an official website either.

Under the Roberto Rinaldi brand, men’s and women’s shoes are sold, with a rather interesting design.

Buy or not shoes Roberto Rinaldi decide for yourself. It is sold in various multi-brand stores.

As of 2023, new shoes under the Roberto Rinaldi brand are no longer available. It is clear that the company has ceased to exist.