Springfield – brand history, men’s and women’s clothing from Spain

Springfield is a Spanish brand of practical and functional men’s youth clothing and all kinds of accessories. It belongs to the Spanish concern Cortefiel Group, which also owns the following brands: Cortefiel, Pedro del Hierro, Women´secret.

Information about the brand Springfield

The Springfield brand was founded and owned by the Spanish company Cortefiel Group, established in 1950. In the family traditions of the creators lay the production of casual clothes from high-quality textiles, and therefore the company developed in the same direction.
The Springfield brand was founded in 1988 and specialized in the manufacture of clothing and accessories for young people. In all the years of the existence of the Cortefiel Group, this brand has been the most successful fashion concept. Springfield clothing has always been distinguished by high quality, modern design, and affordable prices. These reasons helped this brand in the shortest possible time to win universal recognition among the younger generation.
The Springfield collection is aimed at creating clothes for young men aged 16 to 45 and has an excellent price/quality ratio. The Springfield brand has two lines: clothing for the city and sportswear. Within each line, there are basic models of clothing that are produced by the company constantly and models that are developed following fashion trends and are systematically updated.
For convenience in everyday wear, Springfield clothes are easy to iron, do not wrinkle, and last for a long time. This is because when creating it, combined materials and rather thick fabrics are used, and most importantly, it is the use of many recent technological advances.

In 2006, for the first time under the Springfield brand, a women’s clothing collection was released. The company is still making efforts to ensure that its men’s brand becomes universal. However, in many countries, Springfield women’s clothing collections do not arrive.
At the beginning of 2009, more than 2,200 specialists worked on the creation of Springfield clothing, but the number of workers is constantly growing, because. the brand finds more and more admirers.

Where to buy Springfield, the addresses of official stores can be found on the global brand site: myspringfield.com