The Twilight Saga 1 by Stephenie Meyer – book review characters

With his” twilight”, Mayer knocks the reader down and knocks him unconscious. First there was a blow to the head: a ninety-year-old vampire goes to school… No, you did not guess, not to taste the blood of American schoolchildren. Even centuries-old vampires sometimes want to sit at a Desk, look at the roots of onions through a microscope,write off a test… Fresh, nothing to say. Then there was a strong hook-a vampire-a schoolboy and a virgin, for ninety years the poor man has not met his “half”, his ideal, which, you can be sure, is about to sit timidly at his Desk and blush, embarrassedly pulling his pigtail. Then there was an uppercut. Several dozen pages of Mayer muryzhila and Bella, and the reader a mystery: vampires are not afraid of sunlight, but never go out in clear weather.

Why? “You’ll understand when you see me in a bright light,” Edward whispered tragically, conjuring up vague conjectures with the face of the main character in Tales from the crypt. So one morning, having made up his mind, Edward drove Bella high into the mountains, and then deep into the woods, so that she could see his face in the bright sunlight… And she saw… I saw that in the sun, the skin of vampires shone like quintillions of trillions of diamonds as pure as a baby’s tear. Touch… And at first it was quite good. American school romance, nostalgia, and all that created a very pleasant and promising mood of ” come on, come on.” Then tragedy struck: Bella fell in love.

Fifty times a page, Mayer began to write about how divinely beautiful Edward is, using cliches like “God Apollo” and so on, describing how amazing his amber eyes are, what a delicious skin, what a divine voice and what a perfect face, when you see it, you can safely sum up your life and put on white Slippers. At the sight of Edward, Bela’s “hands shook”, “legs gave way” and generally had a prolonged and incessant orgasm. The first time they kissed, Bella fainted. When they kissed for the second time, Bella’s heart stopped (and this is not a figure of speech). That’s when Mayer knocked me out, drowning me in a vast ocean of pink snot that was only used for twelve-year-old girls to dive headfirst and squeal with delight as they cut through its waves with a crawl and breaststroke; however, the book suddenly gained a wider readership… Well, instruct me rather minuses. )) What strikes me most is the readers who claim that Stephanie Mayer’s” Twilight ” has said a new word in vampire literature… Where is that one word? Show me, I didn’t find it. T

he plot, in which the heroine falls in love with a beautiful vampire and a slightly less beautiful werewolf, which makes her rush through the pages in an attempt to make a choice (and the choice in favor of a vampire) – this is not a new word, but an old one. And it is called “plagiarism”. I think Laurel Hamilton would agree with me. And the funny thing is that” Twilight ” was sold out in a huge number of copies, translated into many languages and presented to a fair number of awards, for their circle quite monstrous. For example, “new York Times editorial Choice”. Or” Best book of the year ” Publishers Weekly. Wonderful are your deeds…